Gender: Male
Species: Peep
Age: 12
Birthday: June 23, 2003
Hair color: Blue
Eye color: Black
Personal Information
  Being Helpful
  Evil people
Mom and Dad
Production Information
First Appearance:

Alex is a main character in The World of Peeps.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Alex is a dark blue peep with a red long-sleeved shirt with a yellow circle with an "A (A is for Alex) outlined with black. He also wears a lime green hat that he named "lil Haterson" that he wears backwards.


  • Alex



Alex is very optimistic about everything he does and is always getting to have new friends everyday. Everytime he gets new friends, he usually enjoys it, unlike his friend Brady Peep whom never seems to have a good friends.


Welcome! We have been waiting for you. Explore and learn about the wonderful world of Peeps!!! TBA is the fifth episode of The Series. The World of Peeps is a show that this website is about. Alex is the main character of this show.

The world of peeps series with AlexEdit

In The world of Peeps series you can see the new episodes when ever you want. This video is the video of the month. You can watch it and next month there will be questions you can answer to see witch is your favorite video. The Finale of Season 4 is called TBA. It is a half hour Special and there is a mystery half hour special to! The house of Alex is a location in "The Land of Peeps". Alex, Porkchop, Shrimpy, Alex's Mom, and Alex's dad.

See full episodeEdit

But soon in about 2 weeks the full episode of Deffenttrouble be here thank you so much for being patent and cints you were. Each season there will be a new theme song, new places, and new characters. So have fun on this wiki.


Alex is always ready to help! He opens doors for everyone and helps old ladies cross the street.



Other CharactersEdit

The World of Peeps

Alex's and his Family : Alex / Porkchop / Shrimpy
Other Main: Brady Peep / Orenge Lighty / Proffeser Peep

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